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Breast Augmentation: More Choices Than Ever

Breast augmentation still tops the charts as the most popular cosmetic surgery, chosen by over 300,000 people in the United States in 2018 alone. As a high-demand procedure, options and refinements are frequently added, giving you more choice than ever to customize the surgery to your preferences.

As a medical spa that specializes in breast augmentation surgery, Best Impression Med Spa is an excellent choice to explore all options and how they’ll suit your body shaping goals. Dr. Robert Mirabile and Dr. Vivian Hsu perform over 200 breast augmentation surgeries combined annually, so you’re in experienced hands.

How breast augmentation works

Breast augmentation is for when you want to increase the size of your breasts — whether to correct a mismatch between your natural breasts, to bring your breasts into proportion with the rest of your body, as part of a reconstruction process, or simply to meet your personal preference. Breast augmentation can help you feel more confident about your appearance.

During the surgery, implants are placed under your natural breast tissue, and sometimes under chest muscles. Specific techniques and procedures depend on the type of implant you choose as well as its characteristics and size.

Choosing an implant

While the general choice of implant is still between saline and silicone, there are more products available now within each category. 

Silicone implants remain the most popular choice. New developments in silicone technology include the so-called “gummy bear” implant, a teardrop-shaped implant that more closely resembles natural breast profiles.

While round implants are still effective at creating full breasts with natural shape, the contours of the gummy bear implant may be the right choice for you, whether to achieve a certain look or to complement your natural tissue.

High-strength cohesive (HSC) silicone implants present one of the strongest silicone gels used for implants, while retaining a soft, natural feel. HSC gel is one of the more recent enhancements to implant technology.

Saline implants still carry the advantage of more options for surgical scar placement. Since saline implants can be inserted empty, and then filled with syringes after placement, your implant scars can be moved away from the breast area. The movement of saline implants that can sometimes reveal their presence can be reduced using implant shells with internal baffles.

Improved techniques

As with many cosmetic procedures, the skill of the surgeon plays a role in your outcome. Dr. Mirabile and Dr. Hsu specialize in breast augmentations, and they keep up with the latest developments in procedure and technique. Given the popularity of breast augmentation, the field constantly evolves and moves toward approaches that ensure reliable and natural results.

Communication and visualization are important parts of the planning process ahead of your surgery. Best Impression Med Spa uses VECTRA® 3D Imaging Systems to help you see how your augmentation will look before your procedure.

For the best care through your breast augmentation procedure, call or click to arrange your personal consultation with the surgeons at Best Impression Med Spa. 

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