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Correct Summer Sun Damage with IPL Therapy

Summer sun can wreak havoc on your skin. From premature wrinkling to sun spots, your skin can slowly succumb to damage from powerful UV rays.

At Best Impression Medical Spa in Blue Bell, PennsylvaniaRobert Mirabile, MD, and Vivia Hsu, MDknow clients love spending time outdoors during the summer and don’t always protect their skin as well as they should. That’s why as part of our sun-busting arsenal, we offer an innovative solution in the form of intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy

Here’s a look at how we can banish sun damage with our cutting-edge IPL photo facials.

The sun and your skin

First, let’s look at how it develops in the first place. Your skin is your largest organ; its primary role is protecting and shielding you. When it comes to the sun, your skin is your first line of defense against its harmful ultraviolet rays. To provide this protection, your skin contains melanin, natural pigments that absorb and diffuse the sun’s harmful rays, preventing them from damaging any internal structures. 

When you were younger, your melanin was more than up to the task, and your skin cells were continually renewing themselves to stay healthy and strong. But as you age and the sun exposure piles up, your skin cells can break down, causing them to act erratically. In the case of melanin, the pigment can clump together and form sun spots or a general uneven tone in your skin.

If this weren’t bad enough, sun exposure can lead to facial veins, especially around your nose and cheeks. The heat from the sun enlarges and draws these tiny blood vessels toward the surface of your skin, creating an unsightly web of red lines.

Fighting light with light

We fight light with light to clear away the discolorations and spider veins in your skin caused by prolonged sun exposure. We offer IPL photo facials at our practice, which tackle many skin problems that stem from sun damage, including those sun spots and facial veins we mention above.

Our innovative system delivers intense pulses of light that travel harmlessly through your epidermis to target the problem areas in your dermis. With age spots or discolorations, we target your melanin, which absorbs the light energy as heat. The heat then breaks apart the pigment, leaving your body to remove the debris.

With facial veins, the IPL therapy closes off the veins, encouraging your blood to reroute through healthier vessels deeper in your tissue. Your body then naturally disposes of the destroyed veins.

An IPL timeline

One of the benefits our clients enjoy the most is that IPL treatments are fast and relatively painless. We apply a cooling gel over your skin for comfort, then set it to work. In just 20-30 minutes, you’re free to go.

Depending upon the extent of the sun damage, we may recommend a series of treatments to restore a youthful, even complexion to your skin. You’ll realize your results gradually as your skin flushes away the sun damage and generates healthier new skin cells. 

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*Individual results may vary

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