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Get Rid of Cellulite Before Summer

Get Rid of Cellulite Before Summer

If you’re unhappy with the appearance of cellulite on your thighs or hips but aren’t ready for surgery, you may be a candidate for Cellfina®.

At Best Impression Medical Spa and Laser Center, our experienced physicians, Robert Mirabile, MD, and Vivian Hsu, MD, specialize in nonsurgical Cellfina treatments that minimize the appearance of cellulite for up to three years.

Our providers can treat the specific areas of skin you want to improve without a single incision – just in time for summer.

Why you have cellulite

Cellulite develops when fat cells build up under the surface of your skin and push up against connective tissues. This creates a dimpling in your skin and makes your flesh look lumpy.

While you can develop cellulite anywhere, the most common places for cellulite include your buttocks, hips, thighs, and abdomen. Men can develop cellulite areas, but the condition is more common in women. This is likely because females store fat cells differently than men.

Cellulite isn’t harmful to your health, but many people wish to treat it because it affects their appearance and self-confidence. Our team can assess your options for treating cellulite during a skin evaluation to determine which treatment is a good fit for you.

Weight loss can treat some areas of cellulite, but you may still be left with noticeably dimpled areas of skin that are especially noticeable when you’re wearing summer clothes or a bathing suit. Treatments with Cellfina can address stubborn cellulite and give you long-lasting results.

How Cellfina works

Cellfina is an FDA-cleared cellulite reduction technology that requires no surgery. The treatment platform can significantly reduce the appearance of cellulite by addressing the structural cause of the condition.

Our providers use a small, needle-like device to break the bands of connective tissue that pull down your skin and contribute to cellulite. We perform the procedure in-office, and it only takes about 45 minutes to complete. Our physicians can provide a numbing anesthetic to the treatment area to keep you comfortable during your treatment.

Within just a few days, you should notice an improvement in the treatment area. Your results continue getting better over three months, with your skin becoming smoother as time passes.

Benefits of Cellfina cellulite reduction treatments

In addition to providing up to three years of results, Cellfina has many benefits over invasive cellulite reduction treatments.

The procedure is fast and requires no special preparation. Once it’s over, you won’t need any recovery time and can go back to your usual activities without limitations. It’s normal to have some mild soreness in the treatment area that resolves on its own within a few days but shouldn’t interfere with your routine.

Another benefit of Cellfina is that you only need one session to get the results you want. Our providers work closely with you to identify the areas you want treated to ensure you’re satisfied with your smoother, younger-looking skin.

Call Best Impression Medical Spa and Laser Center today to schedule a Cellfina consultation or book an appointment online. 

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