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The Secret to a Natural Looking Facelift

The Secret to a Natural Looking Facelift

There comes a time when a facelift is the best choice to dramatically improve the appearance of aging skin. But it can feel like a drastic step, and you may worry about your results. Will they be natural, or will you have the pinched and tight look of a celebrity who’s gone under the knife too many times? 

That is a normal concern, and the doctors at Best Impression Medical Spa, located in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, understand. The fact is that natural results are easy to achieve when you keep a few essential considerations in mind. It’s a partnership between you and your surgeon, and your procedure is the start of a new look that’s you, but better. 

Manage your expectations

Your natural-looking facelift begins when your expectation of the result is realistic. What you like and don’t like about your face must be clear in your mind. The more details you can provide about what you want to change, the easier it is to meet them.

When you know the changes you want, the discussion with our team begins. Dr. Vivian Hsu then interprets your wishes and discusses the best options to help realize your cosmetic goals. We will explain how your facelift can best proceed while adopting the changes you desire. 

It’s a collaborative process. Dr. Tsu guides you through the decision-making process, and our team will recommend the best procedure to meet your goals, whether it’s a facelift, another cosmetic treatment, or a combination of both. 

Types of facelifts

You’ll get the most natural and longest-lasting results from a full facelift that lifts and tightens both skin and muscle. As you age, the supporting muscles under your skin weaken and sag, so a traditional lift offers longer-lasting results when compared with facial rejuvenation options and treatments that focus only on the skin. A mini facelift won’t last as long as a full version, but in some cases, it may provide more natural results. 

Add other improvements

Even a well-executed facelift can look unnatural when other features remain untouched. Drooping eyelids or under-eye bags won’t improve with a facelift, but adding an eyelid lift to your facelift is easy. There may be other problem areas, like your neck or under the chin, that can be treated at the same time. 

Choosing the right surgeon

Nothing predicts the outcome of your facelift more than the skills and experience of the surgeon performing your procedure. Request before and after photos showing their work. You can judge the overall quality of the procedure, as well as evaluate the priority they place on achieving natural results. Comparing photos gives you a point of comparison to make that assessment. Best Impression Medical Spa always offers before and after photos to show off our work and make you more comfortable with the process.

The place to start is with a consultation at Best Impression Medical Spa. Prepare a list of questions for our team. Then contact the office by phone or online to schedule your session. A natural, new you is waiting for a reveal, so make an appointment today. 

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