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What Causes Cellulite?

Dimply skin that’s the consistency of an orange peel is how many of our patients describe their cellulite. It’s thought that 90% of women have cellulite somewhere, whether it’s their thighs, stomach, buttocks, or hips, while only 10% of men grapple with it. 

Part of this has to do with women’s and men’s respective anatomies. The way women store fat, and how it’s supported, is simply different than men’s. We also know that there’s a hormonal component with cellulite, as it can appear as early as adolescence with the onset of increased estrogen production. 

Accomplished board-certified plastic surgeons Robert Mirabile, MD, and VIvan Hsu, MD, and our entire team at Best Impression Med Spa in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, not only understand the plight of cellulite sufferers and sympathize with you, we offer an effective treatment that turns things around for our patients.

The mechanics of cellulite formation

The fat that sits between your skin and muscle is bound by cords of connective tissue. In women, tension is created as these cords pull downward and fat cells push upward toward the skin. The result? The classic cottage cheesy effect we know so well— and are vexed by. 

Cellulite doesn’t discriminate

Cellulite is a self-esteem gut punch for many women, especially because you can still have abundant visible cellulite on many parts of your body despite the fact that you eat healthy and work out religiously. 

Naturally slim individuals have cellulite, so if you struggle with your weight, don’t necessarily blame the number that appears on your scale for your cellulite. Other factors that influence how cellulite manifests visually are the thickness of your skin and your age — the older you are, the less elasticity and supportive capability your skin has and the more prominent dimples become.

Cellulite’s causes and risk factors

Though the causes of cellulite remain mysterious, we do know that these factors play into its development:

Smoking has also been linked to worsening the appearance of cellulite because of its destructive qualities, particularly to your circulation. 

Cellulite solutions do exist

There are things you can do to make your cellulite less noticeable, like exercise, which lessens the amount of body fat you have. Eating well and refraining from smoking can also help, but cellulite is so ubiquitous, many women find that these steps don’t do enough to fuel the changes they want. 

Additionally, myriad treatments, from topical creams and coffee ground sloughs to massage and herbs, have been touted as cellulite cures to no avail. 

Best Impression Med Spa has enthusiastically adopted an innovative cellulite reduction treatment called the Cellfina® System that offers many advantages: 

What’s not to like about Cellfina? Pretty much nothing! Our patients are consistently delighted with their results, and surprised at how easy and seamless the treatment itself is. Take a look at our before and after gallery to see for yourself. 

Cellfina goes right to the heart of your problem, those bands of connective tissue responsible for pushing the fat against your skin and producing the textural problems. We use a small, needle-like handheld device to release the tension in those bands and eliminate the pressure that causes the rippling. With the tension gone, your skin’s surface becomes smoother. 

What can I expect from a cellulite reduction treatment?

With the Cellfina System, your doctor works with you to identify your treatment area and applies a bit of local anesthetic so you’re not uncomfortable. They deliver your treatment with the special Cellfina System tool, and you’re done.

Typically, you experience some tenderness at your treatment site, but it abates quickly and you can return to work after your treatment if you need to. We still advise that you’re kind to yourself for the 24 hours following treatment. 

The best part is that you start to see results in just three days. These results continue to appear over the next few months, and they last for up to three years!

Learn more about cellulite reduction

If you’re tired of trying to hide your cellulite lumps and bumps, schedule a consultation with us to see if the Cellfina System is right for you. Call our office or request an appointment online today.

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