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What to Expect Before, During and After Chin Augmentation Surgery

What to Expect Before, During and After Chin Augmentation Surgery

Chin augmentation is a procedure to improve the shape of your chin and balance your overall facial profile. Knowing what to expect during this type of surgery can help ease any worries you have and prepare you for your recovery.

At Best Impression Med Spa, our experienced surgeons Robert Mirabile, MD, and Vivian Hsu, MD perform augmentation surgery using chin implants to redefine your jawline and increase your satisfaction with your appearance. They can also reconstruct your chin to reduce its size and enhance its shape and contours.

Before you move forward with your surgery, here’s what you should know:

Before chin augmentation

Before chin augmentation surgery, our providers meet with you to discuss your expectations for your postsurgical results. We also make sure you're healthy enough to tolerate surgery and general anesthesia.

If you’re taking certain medications, including blood thinners or anti-inflammatories, we may recommend that you stop them several days before your procedure. You should also avoid smoking before surgery because it can interfere with your breathing and your recovery.

We provide additional guidance to help you prepare, including instructions for stopping all foods and drinks in the hours before your chin augmentation.

During chin augmentation surgery

On the day of your surgery, be sure to have a loved one come with you, so they can drive you home after surgery is complete. Our providers administer general anesthesia to keep you comfortable and asleep throughout the procedure.

Our cosmetic surgeons make an incision either under your chin or on the inside of your mouth. They use a precise technique to minimize your risk for noticeable scars. Through the incisions, your surgeon places an implant to improve the shape and size of your chin.

If you’re not receiving an implant, the surgeons can reshape or remove bone from your chin to reduce its size.

After the surgery is complete, we close your incisions with sutures. We also apply clean dressings to your chin to protect your incision from debris and germs that can cause an infection. You spend some time in recovery before you can go home to heal.

After chin augmentation surgery

You can expect to need several weeks of healing before you can see your results. You will need to change the dressings over your incisions regularly and may need to take medications to relieve discomfort and prevent infection. It’s important that you avoid strenuous exercise and other activities that can cause facial injuries during your recovery.

As your swelling decreases, you should notice the changes in your chin’s appearance and contours. It can take several weeks until you see your final results, which are permanent.

You should continue to follow a nutritious diet and resume daily exercise when our providers recommend it to maintain a healthy weight. Our providers also offer dermal fillers and other facial procedures to address cosmetic flaws you wish to treat. They may be able to complete additional surgeries at the same time as your chin augmentation in some cases.

If you’re unhappy with your appearance because of a chin that’s too small or too large, call Best Impressions Cosmetic Surgery or book a consultation online today.

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