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When to Consider a BotoxⓇ Touchup

When to Consider a BotoxⓇ Touchup

If you’re new to enjoying the perks of Botox® injections, you may be wondering if or when to schedule a touchup. Results of this minimally invasive, age-defying treatment can last for several months, but a refresher or adjustment might benefit you before then.

At Best Impression Med Spa in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, our expert team, led by Dr. Robert Mirabile and Dr. Vivian Hsu, is pleased to offer Botox treatments and touchups to help you achieve the facial look you desire.

Here’s a closer look at Botox, including signs you might need a touchup and reasons to consider one.

How Botox works

Decades of smiling and otherwise expressing yourself are a good thing, but they can lead to fine lines that bother you. If you’ve also smoked or spent time in the sun without UV protection, those lines can crop up sooner and be more noticeable. Genetics and your face shape play a role in these signs of aging as well. But Botox can help reverse them.

Botox contains a purified form of botulinum toxin type A. Once injected into your skin in the treatment area, it gradually paralyzes certain muscles to temporarily eliminate fine lines, like crow’s feet and frown lines. Full results usually appear within 7-10 days.

How long Botox lasts

Botox results vary, but they often last 3-4 months. In some cases, however, Botox wears off faster than that – especially after your first treatment. In other cases, Botox results last even longer, as long as 4-6 months.

Factors and habits that might make your Botox results last longer include:

In general, we recommend getting Botox treatments every 3-4 months to keep your results going.

When to schedule a Botox touchup

If you notice that your fine lines start reappearing before the recommended 3-4 months, you may want to come in for a touchup. By getting more injections before waiting for all of your results to diminish, you’ll need fewer Botox units and maintain your results without any lapses.

You can also schedule a touchup if you aren’t fully satisfied with your original treatment. It’s wise to ease into Botox treatments the first time, when neither you nor your provider will know quite how your skin will respond. If you go that route — thinking “less is more” to start with — you might end up wanting a bit more Botox to complete your results.

For a post-treatment touchup, just make sure your full results have set in. If a couple of weeks have passed, you can likely opt for a smaller amount of additional units.

To learn more about Botox touchups or schedule the treatment you desire, call our office or request an appointment through our website today.

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