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Why You Should Choose NeoGraft for Your Hair Transplantation

Why You Should Choose NeoGraft for Your Hair Transplantation

While hair loss is often regarded as a problem men have, after the age of 50 about half of the American population, women and men, have issues with hair loss. Hair loss is often connected to changes in the balance of hormones. 

Best Impression Med Spa recommends the NeoGraft® hair transplantation system for their patients seeking a solution to hair loss. Bringing a level of automation to hair transplantation, NeoGraft delivers efficient follicle transfer and high patient satisfaction. 

Reasons for hair loss

Hair loss in both women and men may start due to a variety of problems, including hormone imbalances, excess stress, medications, or even changes in diet. Even hairstyle choices can contribute to thinning hair.

The most common form of hair loss, called androgenic alopecia, is a genetic condition influenced by hormones that interrupt your hair’s growth cycle.

Both female and male pattern baldness result from androgenic alopecia, though it appears differently for each gender. Female pattern baldness results in thinning on the sides and top of the scalp, while the male version leads to a receding hairline and hair loss on the crown of the head.

The limits of traditional hair transplants

During traditional hair transplants, healthy hair follicles harvested from a donor site are implanted into the balding or thinning areas of your scalp.This procedure starts with the cutting of a strip of hair-containing skin from your scalp. The edges of the strip are then stitched together, leaving a scar along the incision line.

The strip of hair is processed, manually separating the hair follicles from the strip of skin. Then they make an incision in the targeted area of your scalp and implant a follicular unit one follicle at a time. 

The NeoGraft advantage

The NeoGraft device uses a hair transplantation technique called follicular unit extraction (FUE), regarded as the most natural-looking and least invasive technique for transplanting hair.

Instead of processing follicles from a harvested strip of the scalp, the donor hairs are harvested and transplanted one follicle at a time, taking advantage of the automation of the NeoGraft system. 

NeoGraft harvests individual hair follicles from all over the donor site without creating a scar around the follicle harvest. The donor site retains its natural appearance. 

NeoGraft creates a tiny opening to receive the healthy harvested follicle, precisely choosing an implantation site for each follicle, continuing the process until sufficient hair density builds in the balding areas. 

The benefits of NeoGraft

Choosing NeoGraft offers a faster procedure with less bleeding and fewer complications when compared with traditional hair implantation surgery. After your transplanted hair grows in, you can wear your hair in any style. Any scars that remain from your NeoGraft transplantation are tiny and well hidden. 

The benefit that you’ll love the most is the natural result. Once your transplant has healed, you can treat your new hair the same way you always have. 

To learn more and find out if you’re a candidate for NeoGraft hair transplantation, reach out to Best Impression Med Spa by phone or online to schedule a consultation. There’s an answer to your hair loss. Start your journey toward it by booking an appointment now. 

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