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Why You Shouldn’t Trust Just Anyone to Administer Your Injectables

Nobody wants to look old. That’s why millions of people erase the most common signs of aging with cosmetic injectables. As the most popular minimally invasive cosmetic treatment among women and men alike, injectables can erase fine lines, smooth out deep wrinkles and creases, diminish the effects of facial deflation, and rejuvenate your face from the inside out. 

Like anything in high demand, cosmetic injectables have become increasingly available in medical offices and aesthetic spas nationwide. In some cases, they’re even offered “on the cheap” by untrained individuals who don’t have the expertise to administer them safely — not to mention effectively.

At Best Impression Med Spa in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, Robert Mirabile, MD, and Vivian Hsu, MD, deliver safe, expert care that emphasizes your unique anatomy and aesthetic goals. Drs. Mirabile and Hus personally train all the spa’s expert nurse injectors.

Here, they explain why choosing a fully certified provider to administer your cosmetic injectables is essential — and the risks of allowing an untrained hand to inject anything into your face.   

Your safety is a top priority 

Fully trained and licensed cosmetic injectable providers aren’t just experts in the skill and art of applying Botox and fillers but also safety experts. 

The term cosmetic injectables encompasses various types of elective medical substances, each of which works in different ways and has specific uses and application techniques. As such, they should only be administered by a licensed provider in a safe and sterile practice.   

When you get cosmetic injections at Best Impression Med Spa, we put your health, safety, and comfort first. This means applying products “on the label,” or according to their approved use, to prevent adverse reactions; it also means using standard application techniques that help minimize temporary side effects like swelling or bruising.  

As important, a trained provider knows how to spot and address rare adverse reactions when they do occur. 

Your facial anatomy is unique

We all share a common facial anatomy, but no two people have the same combination of facial features and age-related skin changes. As such, cosmetic injectable treatment plans naturally vary from person to person.   

Fine lines, deep wrinkles, creases, and other common signs of skin aging can have various underlying causes, ranging from collagen depletion and long-term sun damage to genetics and facial muscle contraction. No cosmetic injectable offers a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all solution for these varying issues. 

Instead, every injectable treatment should be fully customized to an individual’s needs. When you go to a trained provider who deeply understands facial anatomy and wrinkle types, you’re far more likely to receive the injectable that matches your cosmetic needs in just the right amount, giving you the beautiful, natural-looking results you’re after.

If you receive injections from someone who isn’t an expert, you may receive a treatment that doesn’t match your needs or gives you results that don’t look natural; you could even end up with a face that looks “frozen” or “plastic.” 

Understanding your options

Many “back door” cosmetic injection providers only offer one or two treatment options — usually Botox and perhaps a popular filler — because it’s easier for someone who’s not formally trained and certified to repeat the same basic procedures with each client.  

To understand why this matters, it’s important to recognize that cosmetic injectables are a fully elective treatment, meaning anyone can decide to have it done. But just because you can request a specific treatment, it doesn’t mean that treatment is necessarily the best solution for your unique set of skin-aging issues. 

A fully trained and licensed cosmetic injectable provider works with a wider range of injectables and has a deep knowledge of the benefits and applications of each one. This puts them in a better position to assess your needs and recommend the injectable — or, in some cases combination of injectables — that will give you the desired results. 

Expertise you can trust

If you’re thinking about rejuvenating your skin and revitalizing your appearance with cosmetic injectables, nothing beats the expertise, light-handed artistry, and experience of a fully trained and certified aesthetic injector.   

To find out how we can help you meet your aesthetic goals, call 610-272-8821 or request an online appointment with the Best Impression Med Spa team today.

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